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We are a very small organization when it comes to rescue animals.

We all work full-time and volunteer many hours to help. You must also be ready to help yourself - not just dump the pet off on us.

We don't have an actual shelter to house any pets, therefore foster homes must be found. Most of the time you have to foster your own pet. You have to commit to at least 60 days with our program. You must be willing to spend some money on the pet to be sure we know about any and all health and temperment problems.

If you have a cat that needs to go into the program, you must be willing to have it FeLv tested, vaccinated, and have a general health status.

If you have a dog that needs to be re-homed, you must be willing to have it tested for heartworms, vaccinated, and a general health status. If the dog is heartworm positive, there are several options available from about $100 to $500. Heartworms are treatable.

If you have a different type of animal such as guinea pigs, rabbits, etc. we still may be able to help. We will need to take each case and see what help is available.

If your pet is older than about 5 years old, it becomes more difficult to place - not impossible, just harder. We get calls all the time about 11-15 year old pets. It is virtually impossible to place those pets and it is extremely stressful for the pet. It is kinder to have them put down at that age than to try and re-home them. Sad and harsh but true.

We will post photos of your pet on our website and We will send out applications, screen potential new families, verify veterinarian references, do the home visits, and hopefully, place the pet. We require at least a 60 day commitement for the program.

On occassion, we sometimes are able to get a pet into a Breed Specific rescue group in the surounding areas.

Keep in mind, that we may not be able to place your pet within the original 60 days. You can elect to continue with the program or decide on other options.

Thoughts For Those Looking For Homes For Homeless Pets

Looking for GOOD homes for homeless pets is a long hard job. Don’t be intimidated by those looking to adopt -- ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS !! Do home visits and get vet references. Always use an adoption contract. Make them wait at least 24 hours after filling out an adoption contract - You’ll be surprised by the numerous people that “forget” about the pet !

Many people will tell you it is “just a dog” or “just a cat” and that you are crazy to go to all that trouble. Don’t get depressed or give in. You are trying to find the best possible home for that pet that you just spent hundreds of dollars on at the veterinarian’s office. You don’t have to give them a pet. If you feel uncomfortable - DON’T GIVE THEM THE PET !!

Always SPAY OR NEUTER before adopting the pet out !!

I screen people over the phone long before I tell them where to see the pet at. I always try to get them to tell me what kind of pet they are looking for. If they tell you they want a small dog, and you tell them you only have a large dog and they insist that will be “ok” -- WRONG. They need to think about owning a pet and realize the huge, long-term commitment that is needed to be a GOOD pet home. If they are that fickle, they need to think some more. Some will say “if you want to get rid of him, I’ll come take him.” Under no circumstances should you let that person adopt. For one, you don’t want to get “rid” of anything -- you want to find a good home for a homeless pet. You also need to be extremely cautious of those that have had more than one pet get run over by a car, get poisoned, or “disappeared”. I CAN NOT STRESS ENOUGH THE NEED TO SCREEN, DO HOME vISITS, GET A VETERINARIAN REFERENCES, AND USE AN ADOPTION CONTRACT !!!!

I have seen the nicest talking and nicest looking family-type persons wanting to adopt that are pure evil (that is the only way I know how to say it). I have known people that have adopted “free” pets and then eaten them, fought them, tortured them, burned them, sold them to research for a profit, used them as bait to teach other dogs to fight, taken them to the pound, shot them, skinned them alive, skinned them for their fur, and more. YOU CAN NOT TAKE PEOPLE AT FACE VALUE !! I know it is tempting but don’t do it !!!

There are many homes but amazingly few GOOD homes. In my experience, on average only 1 out of 25 calls is even in the running for adoption. PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP - you will feel so good to hear from the GOOD homes you do find ! Never stop educating yourself and potential adopters! Sometimes teaching somebody how to properly care for a pet will turn them into a GOOD home. My friend had one family that didn’t have a lot of money, never took their beloved pet to the vet, and when he got sick they wanted to give him away to somebody that could care for him. Well, he had an infection and heartworms - not exactly the dog of most peoples’ dreams. They had never taken him to a veterinarian and didn’t even know about heartworms. She took the dog to her veterinarian, got him treated for everything, taught the family how to prevent it from happening again, and the family and the dog are doing well. They still need help every now and then, but they have learned to ask and learn.

If you screen, check veterinarian references, do home visit before giving them the pet, spay/neuter the pet, and use an adoption contract (VERIFY all the information yourself because many deceitful people will lie), you can feel fairly comfortable that you have done your best in finding a good home for your homeless pet. Feel good about yourself and sleep well at night -- you are one of thousands who care enough to go the extra mile ! Rescue persons around the world are using these same procedures.

What others have to say about same day adoptions.. (reasons not to do them)

The last ad I had in the paper to place a dog resulted in 8 calls.

The first call was from Rene Hatfield, a.k.a. Diane Rigsby, a.k.a. Rene Dell. She had all the right answers - wanted a house dog as companion to her other dog; yes her dog was on heartworm prevention; of course her dog was spayed; etc. I asked her which veterinarian she used. She told me she used the one in Vivian but all her records were in her neighbors name because the neighbor was the one that drove. She said she lived in an apartment over off of Centenary and yes, her landlord allowed pets. I knew who the woman was. Caddo Animal Control warned us about her back in 1990. A Caddo Parish Shelter employee told us that “Oh, yes, we know that lady Rigsby. She’s been turning in animals for 10 years.” According to shelter records many of the animals were sick and/or injured. Only a few months ago, Rosana happened by a house where Rosana saw and recognized this lady. Rosana also recognized a dead dog next to her trash can. Since she told me the apartment complex where she was at, Rosana went by to talk to the landlord. The landlord informed Rosana that under no circumstances was this apartment to have any type of animals. She also told Rosana that they had been kicked out of 2 other apartments in the previous 3 weeks due to non-approved pets. I also checked with the veterinarian. He had never heard of her or her neighbor.

Another call came from a lady that told me she had 2 poodles. She had recently had to put the 14 year old to sleep due to health problems and wanted a companion for her remaining 9 year old poodle. She gave Benton Animal Hospital as her reference. I called to verify this. They told me she had been to the clinic one time back in February 2000. They treated the 9 year old poodle for multiple bites and wounds due to being attacked by another dog while running loose. No vaccinations, no heartworm preventive, and not even a follow up visit for the treated injuries. She had sounded really promising, so I called her back. She said she had recently moved and forgot that she was now using Companion Animal Hospital. I called to verify. They had never heard of the woman. I called the woman back. She said they made a mistake and she would have them call me. I received a message from Amanda at Companion Animal Hospital on my answering machine telling me the woman was indeed a client in good standing. I called back to talk to Amanda. Companion has no employee by that name.

Out of the remaining calls, only 1 person was on the up and up. The others had numerous pets .... that had gotten hit and killed by cars while running loose - they live way out in the country, the neighbor shot their pet, and their beloved pets just disappeared. Most did not have their pets on heartworm preventive and only 2 said their previous pets were spayed or neutered. It gets very discouraging.

One other experience from about 6 months ago, also comes to mind. My fellow rescuer and I had a family that wanted us to place a dog in their home. The family seemed nice. Vet reference checked out. We liked the man and his family. He filled out the pet contract and was ready to go home with his dog. We explained our 24 hour waiting period and why we required it. He said he wanted the dog that day. We said no. He left and went to another “free to good home” ad in the paper and adopted 2 puppies that night. Six weeks later, my fellow rescuer got a call from this same man. Seems the puppies got pretty big, he lost his job, and they had no money to feed or care for the dogs. He called for her to come get these 2 dogs. She had no room and explained it was his responsibility. He told her he would have to “get rid” of them in the morning - they were just too big.

Another thing that I run into quite often when I am trying to place a purebred animal, is all the breeders wanting to breed. I have been offered $400.00 for one dog if I would let them breed him. I have even been asked if my mixed breed animals look enough like anything that they might be able to breed -- anything for a quick buck! Breeding dogs are often severely neglected and uncared for. Many become blind from the urine in their cages. Many others loose most of their teeth from loosing calcium while breeding. Even more develope deformed paws due to never getting out of the cages. It is also extremely unhealthy for the pet not to be spayed or neutered. Many develope cancer from not being spayed or neutered. I insist all my animals be spayed and neutered BEFORE going to a new home.

I also posted a question on an Internet group that I belong to consisting of shelter administrators. I asked them for their opinions on same day adoptions. Let me share them with you.

When we first began, we did some same day adoptions, until one time we adopted out a dog to a man we thought was so nice. When a home visit was done, we discovered that he had lied to us and his nice home in a suburb was really a motel room. The dog we had adopted to him was frightened to death and we had to get police to get the dog from him. That was the last time a same day adoption was done. Today, we do a home visit (with the dog) and if we do not like what we see, will deny that person. We do a check with their present or previous vet to be sure that they take (took) care of their pets. We are a lot more careful to whom we adopt out these days. There are many sick people out there. Remember, these animals have come to us from a bad situation and we do not want to make it worse. (95% of all of our animals come from animal control in our town). We are a complete volunteer organization and although our foster homes are bursting at the seams, we still must check and be sure it is the right place to put the animal. Check thoroughly, his life may depend on it.
S. C., Secretary G.R.A.S.P., Inc.
I firmly believe in the wait period,,,,unfortunately we have BOARD members who bring people in and want me to waive that all the time, as well as the public in general. If you can't wait to get the animal...don't come here, is the way I feel.
M. B., DCHS Shelter Director
For over seven years we have adopted cats and dogs out the same day without a problem. We have an extensive screening application that has been updated with time. Our volunteers are trained to spot any red flags. Our adoption volunteers are required to attend a four hour training and are never on the floor without an experienced adoption counselor. We have no problem saying "no" to any prospective adopter. We also have a great return policy.
We have the right to visit the animal in the home, which we do on occasion. We have no plans to change our policy because it works for us.
M. diL. Executive Director Happy Tails
When my sister and I started rescueing cats and kittens, we would run an ad in our local paper and place some 30 kittens in a weekend. "The Ninth Life" was our hobby, and as we had no financial support, (we still don't! :-) we needed to place kittens so we could make space for more! Unfortunately we learned the hard way, and two really great kittens went to the most charming wonderful man. The next day we tried to call his number to see how they were and the number was disconnected! We went to his work, and he hadn't worked there in a year, and since we always get drivers liscence numbers, we had a friend (a federal policeman) check him out, and found out he had been banned from owning pets in three different states, and was connected with procuring lab animals! We now are so afraid of this happening again that we now let our voicemail answer our phone, so we can hear their voice, and see what kind of questions they ask. We've gotten pretty good at knowing which calls "sound" good. Then we do a ˝ hour to hour phone interview. When (and if) we invite them to our home to meet the kids, we first do an educational interview that can take up to an hour, and then start going from room to room. We have 57 cats, 18 in the rescue room, 10 in our office (our computer is on the dining room table!) 12 in my room, 8 in my sisters room, 2 in our roomates room, 2 in cages in the living room, and 5 that are free to come in and out of the cat door (those are our senior "keepers"). After meeting everyone, we give them a contract to read and fill out, and send them home to "Think About It", while we call on their references. After this point, many never call again! Some take several days to call and some call back VERY quickly. Then we get directions, and deliver the cat to them, giving us a chance to see the home, environment and also the neighborhood. Sometimes it's hard, when everyone gets exited about the new kitty, and we have to refuse them, but we have to look out for our "Children"! We have now placed 407, spayed/neutered cats into good homes! We still have no funding, and we still do this out of our home, but we have started the process to become a "not for profit" corporation, (as anyone who does this knows, you NEVER make a profit) and sometimes live on shut off notice to shut off notice on our bills, but every cat on the property is altered, tested for disease, current on shots and fed an Iams/Nutro combo. We at "The Ninth Life" will NEVER do a "same day adoption" again!
L. C. The Ninth Life Cat and Kitten Rescue
Absolutely not....This allows no screening or references to be checked or anything. If there is a phone and volunteer available to check out references on the spot and ride out to do a home check with the new owner...possibly but that is a lot of leg and footwork on the spot... Paws Forever -
I don't believe this question has a right or wrong answer. I believe it depends on many variables. Some variables may be the degree of overpopulation in your area and the clientele in your area. For example, overpopulation and animal abuse/neglect is high in Phoenix, AZ, which is where we are. It is in the animal population's best interest that we move as many animals as possible. We do perform an intense screening and often send people away to think about it, but generally, we are a same-day operation. The kill shelters in Arizona kill over 150 animals a day. Taking all the factors into consideration, we decided some time ago that our primary mission is spay and neuter, secondly, we will place as many cats/dogs as possible, using trained volunteers and an in-depth screening process. However, in another geographic area, same-day adoptions may be unnecessary. You should probably evaluate what will best serve the animal population in your area. We find that we make more adoptions by doing same-day. We also have a follow-up procedure and a lifetime return policy. Our success rate is good. We may, ocassionally, make a bad adoption that would not have occured if we didn't do same day. But, again, looking at the big picture, we make far more quality adoptions by doing same day. Individual results may vary. :)
D. M. Friends for Life Animal Sanctuary
My usual adoption protocol is usually email or phone contact, chat, chat, chat...Send application. review for any obvious things to discuss. Check by phone with the vet reference and personal reference. If all is ok, ask for home visit or make home visit and I usually take the animal in question-- "JUST FOR THEM TO MEET"-- and If all checks out-- the pet can usually stay. However, I have done a few same day placements-- at an Adoption Day thing.-- Where it was just perfect and they seemed wonderful! Everyone was saying – "go ahead" if you don't, you will loose this wonderful home-- you are too picky, etc...... On the same day adoptions, I had 3 out of 4 fail in the first couple of months! I have failures in "checked out-- standard procedure" placements, but then it is something like 1 out of 50. I don't do same day placements anymore!
J. Dry Prong, LA
I think same day adoptions would be very risky. There would be no time for home checks and it may be done on an impulse which spells disaster for the dog/animal. I feel it is unresponsible for this to happen.
L. M. Ky Chinese Sharpei Rescue
No way on the same day adoptions. People can be dishonest. People can be impulsive. Also, what if this person has a spouse-boyfriend that is so angry about a critter being brought home that he or she mistreats or kills the animal. It is very unlikely, these days, that one day would be sufficient anyway to find out if the truth is being told. What was the idea brought up about 1 day adoptions anyway? I may have missed something. Do they just want to speed the process up, save money, have higher adoption rates? None of those reasons are the real solutions in the end. People are dishonest, impulsive, think animals are toys-things, a way to make a buck. Utmost caution needs to be taken and follow ups need to be made. It's a royal pain in the boody, but that is the world we live in. Anyway, just my thoughts and conclusions thinking back to the mistakes I have made trusting people with critters at first sight or the first good talk they gave me. I know 24 hours doesn't guarantee a 100% good outcome, but it is still a step forward. Hugs,
P. D. Haughton, LA
In my opinion, same day adoptions are a definite no-no. The groups I work with do a thorough screening, and a home check is essential. When I recently worked with the city-run shelter on an adoption festival (done in conjunction with a no-kill organization I work with), we weren't allowed to turn down any potential adopter, and could only ask them to consider that a certain animals might not be best for them for whatever reason. The city's policy is to do same day adoptions unless the animal needs to be spayed or neutered, in which case the adopters are simply told what vet to go to to pick the animal up when the surgery is done. This makes me very nervous. Also, I must disagree with Darrien's comments. Darrien, you say that overpopulation AND animal abuse/neglect are high in your area. I would think that the fact that animal abuse is high would be even more reason to screen carefully. I don't agree that "it is in the animal population's best interest that we move as many animals as possible". If even one animal is placed in an abusive situation in an attempt to place as many as possible, that is an unacceptable trade-off. I understand that many government-run shelters probably don't have the personnel, even with volunteers, to do home checks on all the potential adopters, but there should, at the very least, be some intenstive screening, such as checking references, talking to vets, doing checks for any previous cruelty records, and the like. Same day adoptions, in the interest of moving as many out as possible, are not worth the chance that an animal will suffer any more than he/she already has.
T. C.
I don't recall getting a previous e-mail on this. However, letting people take an animal without checking into the situation is not a wise thing to do in any case, be it placing an animal through a newspaper ad or adopting them out at a mall. Ideally, there ought to be a contract of transfer which doesn't transfer actual ownership of the animal for some period until the validity of the adoptive situation can be verified, e.g., by a visit to the animal's new home.
Regards, P. W.
We ( The Humane Association of Wilson County) do same day adoptions at Petco. Of course all dogs and cats are spayed/neutered before they go; we s/n as early as 6 weeks so sometimes even puppies get to go. We send mostly animals who have been with us over a week or more. We use a questionaire, but rely lots on the judgement of our adoption counselor volunteers. There is usually a fairly long discussion about care. And if we don't FEEL right, we "just say no"! Animals that are not s/n and adopted from our shelter MUST go to a local vet for s/n, heartworm check, rabies shot before they go to our new home. Since we have adopted these policies in the past 3 years, our adoption rate has gone from 15% to 30% and better. I think the main thing is to assure the counselors that it's OK to say NO, and not to feel guilty. A bad home is NOT better than no home.
J. P.
Waiting gives the party time to really think about the responsibility of a pet and if they are ready for that responsibility.

What Others Around the Country Have To Say On Adopting Out Pets ...

Things To Keep In Mind When Looking For A Good Responsible Home

1. Always look for those who have lived at their current address for at least 1 year.

2. Always look for a person who has had a pet die of old age !

3. Always visually verify all information on the adoption contract especially the social security number, driver’s license number, and address.

4. Always go to the persons home BEFORE giving them the pet.

5. Always check references including the veterinarian (if possible) BEFORE giving them the pet.

6. Always make sure the person is financially able to care for the pet.

7. CAUTION: If they have ever had pets to die from being hit by cars, poison, or other unusual deaths.

8. CAUTION: If they have ever had to give a pet away for any reason -- if they have done it before -- they will do it again !

9. CAUTION: If they have young children, be sure the pet fits the environment. They don’t need a large active dog that will knock the children down while playing, etc.

10. Unfortunately, you can’t ever trust somebody to be a good loving responsible pet owner because they say they are. CHECK THEM OUT !!!!

11. Always use an Adoption Contract !! It’s the only way you have any rights to protect that pet if the people who adopt the animal mistreats, neglects, or harms the pet. If they are legitimate the contract won’t deter them from adopting. However, it they are not committed to caring for the pet, the contract will back most of them off. Still, you must screen the people. Some of them will lie.

12. CAUTION: Some reasons people want to adopt other than for a pet -- fighting, fur, breeding, eating, sell to research or dissection labs, etc.

Hi all, Yes, our shelter does do background checks - and we find them invaluable. First, they must have some sort of proof of residence. When they give us their address, we check with the town tax assessor if the individual actually lives at that address. If this check shows that they do not - we assume that they either rent or didn't tell the truth. At that point will call the individual back and ask if they rent there. If they do, we ask that they bring a copy of a current bill sent to that address in their name AND something from their landlord saying that they are allowed to have pets. If a prospective adopter wants an animal that may have health problems or if the adopter claims to never have owned a pet, we have them make a vet appointment before adopting the animals, and check with that vet before the actual adoption to make sure the appointment is still valid. Also, if a person wants an animal that needs extra special care and such, we will call and confirm with their vet that their current pets are neutered and up to date on shots. We have seen too many cases of people not telling the truth on applications not to do background checks.


My adoptive interview consists of the following questions:

1. Tell me what you're looking for.
2. What appeals to you about this particular breed, age, size, etc.
3. Tell me about your ages? spouse or partner?
4. Does everyone in the home want a pet?
5. What's a typical day-schedule in your home: full time school or work? How many hours will this animal be left alone?
6. Had a pet in the past? What, when, for how long, what happened?
7. Current pets neutered?
8. How do you feel about neutering? (I will not place an animal with a person who shows ANY HESITATION or apathy about this topic).
9. Ever house-trained an animal?
10. For dogs, are you familiar with crate-training & are you willing to use this technique?
11. Who's your vet?
12. Describe your outdoor animal set-up.
For follow-ups, I just call and say I was wondering how the new pet is settling in, how is house-breaking going, any questions, and problems, remember to call me if anything comes up. Better than follow-up, I have found, is a thorough pre-adoption interview. If I have any sense at all that this person is not quite right, I don't adopt. This works for me because we are a small, private rescue. I feel for you folks who work for public shelters who can't really refuse to give someone an animal if they've got the money.
Grateful Acres Animal Sanctuary

Thank you so much for such quick responses. I analysed all of them and combained as well as I could. I am sending you my analysis, which still contains some questions. If you have time and would like to continue, then here it is. Otherwise thank you so much for your input. Best wishes Bea

Intrusive Questionnaire

- indoor vs outdoor,
- fencing,
- neighborhood,
- insist on other pets being brought to our shelter for introductions prior to the adoption, etc.
- Kid compatability is an issue that our criteria covers as well.- and more

Note: People who are about to buy a pet for commercial reasons, e.g. laboratories can give false answers looking like the best pet owners. Childless families might get children and change their behaviour. I like the option of seeing other pets for they might give an idea of how they are treated.

Verify information provided by applicants
- valid drivers licence
- own database of adoptions and complaints

Each person must have a valid driver's license to adopt and we run them through our computer prior to starting the adoption procedure.
- proof of residence

If landowner, we check the address with the town tax assessor. If renting, must show a copy of a current bill sent to that address in their name and we insist on landlords approval for adoptions to renters:
- in writing for local adoptions (If you get a non-letterhead or handwritten authorization, call for verification.) via phone
- if non-local or by way of mobile/ offsite adoption, we can accept that over the phone once we verify that we are speaking to the actual landlord.
Side note - Landlords are great. The minute you get them on the phone they will tell you more in 45 seconds than 15 minutes of paperwork shuffling could provide. If they have doubts, they will tell you and quickly.

verify that the writing is truly from the landlord?

- references-

If the folks who adopt from here have any other animals we ask for a vet reference. We call the vet and ask if they would recommend these people as candidates to adopt.
If not we ask for other friend/relative references.
Question: Can friends actually give a true reference. It seems to me like the workplace or the doctor would be a better information source?

- visit

Mandatory home visit by someone we know and trust. Note: I like the part of "someone we know and trust". Which I see like one of the staff, volunteers or any friends, which minimizes the burden. Such procedure would have to be very well organized - maybe with a shelter tag and questionnaire.
Schedule vet appointment before adopting the animals and verify with vet afterwards if the appointment was successful and if he/she see no problems in the relationship


- for an animal that may have health problems
- for the first adoption

- our forms provide a note about possible visit

Merely having that on your adoption form will eliminate a large portion of the high-risk adoption populations.

- if we have a concern, we can and have done a follow-up site visit
- yes we have home visits

Question: Because of the number of adoptions maybe visit by just a random household would be sufficient. What ratio would you suggest?

Fellow Louisianian here! (LaPlace) Since the age of the internet, our shelter has placed quite a few long distance adoptions. Through trial and (unfortunately) error, we have found a procedure that works quite well.

1. Ask your staff/volunteers if they have friends in area that prospective adoptor lives in. (If you find someone, have them do a "drive by" to ensure the address truly exists and that this is a place your animal would be happy.

2. Call the local animal/control/rescues groups in the area to do the "drive by" and possibly visit with the people; this will show the prospective adopter that you "mean business".

3. Call the local veterinarians for references. Most are more than happy to help.

4. Make sure that prospective adopter pays "up-front".

5. Make sure the animal is castrated before it leaves you.

6. We never fly animals in summer time.

7. We provide the animal with a tag showing both new owners' information and ours.

8. Make sure you include the price of the flight kennel when considering this venture.

Best Regards, Mynx

Sample Application

Application Which Pet are you Interested in? _____________________________ Date of Application: ________________________
Name: __________________________________________________ Home Phone: (______)___________________________
Spouse's Name: __________________________________________ Work Phone(s): (______)_________________________
Address: _________________________________________________ Apt # ______________
City: _____________________________________ State: ____________________ Zip: _____________
Email Address: ________________________________________ Date of Birth: ___________________
1. Do you live in a [ ] Condo/Townhouse [ ] Apt. [ ] Duplex [ ] Mobile Home [ ] House [ ] Other
2. Do you [ ] Rent/Lease [ ] Own your residence [ ] Live with Parents or Friends
3. If you rent, is your rent/lease [ ] Monthly or [ ] Yearly?
What is the Name of the Complex, Association, Landlord, or Owner? ____________________________________________ __________________________________________________
Phone # for Landlord: (_______)_________________________
Pet Policy? ____________________________________________ Amt. Of Pet Deposit? _______________
4. How long have you been at this address? _____________
If you have been at this address less than 1 year, what was your previous address? ____________________________________
How long were you at your previous address? _________________
5. How many Adults reside in the household? _______ How many Children? ______ Ages of Children? _____________________
6. Do you smoke? __________________________ Does your mate/spouse smoke? ____________________
7. Employer's Names: _______________________________________________________________________
How long working there? _______________________________ Phone Number: (____) _______________________
8. Have you ever turned an animal over to an animal shelter? ________________
If yes, when and why? __________________________________________________________________________________
9. Have you ever had to find a home for one of your pets? __________________
If yes, when and why? __________________________________________________________________________________
10. Would there be anybody at home during the day? _____________________
If yes, who? _________________________ If no, how long would the pet be left unattended? __________
11. Does it matter if the pet is housebroken? ____________
12. Do you have any Dogs and/or Cats at home now? _________________
Name: ___________________ Age: _______ Breed: ____________ Sex: _______ Spayed/Neutered: _____________
Inside or Outside: _________ Heartworm Prev. ____________ Brand: ______________________________
When you got the pet? ________________________________________
Name: ___________________ Age: _______ Breed: ____________ Sex: _______ Spayed/Neutered: _____________
Inside or Outside: _________ Heartworm Prev. ____________ Brand: ______________________________
When you got the pet? ________________________________________
Name: ___________________ Age: _______ Breed: ____________ Sex: _______ Spayed/Neutered: _____________
Inside or Outside: _________ Heartworm Prev. ____________ Brand: _____________________________
When you got the pet? ________________________________________
Name: ___________________ Age: _______ Breed: ____________ Sex: _______ Spayed/Neutered: _____________
Inside or Outside: _________ Heartworm Prev. ____________ Brand: _____________________________
When you got the pet? ________________________________________
Name: ___________________ Age: _______ Breed: ____________ Sex: _______ Spayed/Neutered: _____________
Inside or Outside: _________ Heartworm Prev. ___________ Brand: _______________________________
When you got the pet? ________________________________________
12b. Do you have any other pets? _____________ What kind? ___________________________________________________

13. What Animal Hospital/Clinic do you currently use? _____________________________________________________
Address and Phone: ______________________________________________________________________________
Date and reason of last visit? _______________________________________________________________________
14. What previous Animal Hospital/Clinic did you use? _____________________________________________________
Address and Phone: ______ _______________________________________________________________________
15. What type/brand of pet Food have you fed in the past? ___________________________________________________
16. What type/brand of pet Food do you plan to feed your new pet? ____________________________________________
Why this food? ___________________________________________________________________________________
17. Has anyone in the household ever had allergies to animals? _______ If yes, who? ___________________________________
18. Is this pet a gift? __________ If yes, for who: ________________________________________________________________

19. Have you had pets in the past 10 years? ________________________
Name: _________________ Age: ______ Breed: __________ Sex: _______ Spayed/Neutered: _________
Inside or Outside: _________ Heartworm Prev. ____________ Brand: ______________________________
When you got the pet? _______________________When did you loose the pet? ________________________
What Happened? ___________________________________________________________________________
Name: _________________ Age: ______ Breed: __________ Sex: _______ Spayed/Neutered: _________
Inside or Outside: _________ Heartworm Prev. ____________ Brand: ______________________________
When you got the pet? _______________________When did you loose the pet? ________________________
What Happened? ___________________________________________________________________________
Name: _________________ Age: ______ Breed: __________ Sex: _______ Spayed/Neutered: _________
Inside or Outside: _________ Heartworm Prev. ____________ Brand: _____________________________
When you got the pet? ______________________When did you loose the pet? ________________________
What Happened? ___________________________________________________________________________
Name: _________________ Age: ______ Breed: __________ Sex: _______ Spayed/Neutered: _________
Inside or Outside: _________ Heartworm Prev. ____________ Brand: _____________________________
When you got the pet? ______________________When did you loose the pet? ________________________
What Happened? ___________________________________________________________________________
Name: _________________ Age: _____ Breed: __________ Sex: _______ Spayed/Neutered: _________
Inside or Outside: _________ Heartworm Prev. ___________ Brand: _______________________________
When you got the pet? ______________________When did you loose the pet? _________________________
What Happened? ___________________________________________________________________________

20. Where will the pet be when no one is home? ______________________________________________________________
21. If outside, is shelter provided? ______________ What type of shelter? _________________________________________
22. If outside, how will your pet be confined? _________________________________________________
[ ] Chain [ ] Fenced Yard [ ] Garage [ ] Dog House [ ] Kennel/Pen [ ] Patio
[ ] Trolley [ ] Crate [ ] Other: _______________________________________________
23. Do you have a fenced yard? ______________ What height is your fence? _________________________________
What type of fence: [ ] Chain Link [ ] Wood [ ] Other: ___________________________

24. Where the Pet sleep? ____________________________________________________________________________________
25. Are you aware of the need for heart worm prevention? _____________________
Do you agree to keep the dog on heart worm prevention? ___________________
How much do you think heart worm prevention will cost per Month? ________________________
26. How much Money do you think it will cost to care for your new pet for 1 Year? ________________________
27. Why do you want to adopt a pet? _________________________________________________________________________
28. How long have you been looking for a pet? _________________________________________________________________
29. Who will be responsible for taking care of the pet? ___________________________________________________________
30. Are you planning on taking the dog through obedience training? ________________________________________________
31. Are you aware that when bringing a new pet into your home, there is an adjustment period that can take up to a
month on up to 1 year? _______________________________
32. Are you aware that from time to time pets can damage your belongings, soil your furniture and/or flooring,
scratch furniture, chew and tear up items, knock down breakable heirlooms, and/or dig up your yard? __________________
33. How and where will you exercise your dog? ________________________________________________________________
34. How do you plan to housebreak your dog? _________________________________________________________________
35. How will you handle your cat scratching on your furniture? ___________________________________________________
36. How will you handle your cat running out the door and outside? ________________________________________________
37. If you own a pick-up truck, will you let your dog ride in the back? ______________________________________________
38. Do you have a swimming pool on your property? ____________________
39. Pets often live 15-20 years Are you ready and willing to take the time, responsibility, and have the
money necessary to take care of your dog for its entire lifetime? ____________________
List the Names, Addresses, & Phone numbers of 3 references we may call who can attest to your suitability as an Adopter.
For example - an animal professional, trainer, veterinarian, groomer, educator, employer, etc.
1. Name: ___________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________ City/State/Zip: ________________________ Phone #: _________________
2. Name: ___________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________ City/State/Zip: ________________________ Phone #: _________________
3. Name: ___________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________ City/State/Zip: ________________________ Phone #: _________________
41. Have you ever applied for adoption before? _____________________ When:? ____________________________________
Which shelter or agency? _______________________________________________________________________________
Which Pet did you adopt from them? ______________________________________________________________________
If you were denied the pet, what was the reason? _____________________________________________________________
42. Have you ever applied for adoption from another shelter or agency? ____________ When? ____________________________
Which shelter or agency? _______________________________________________________________________________
Which Pet did you adopt from them? ______________________________________________________________________
If you were denied the pet, what was the reason? _____________________________________________________________
43. Do you travel for business or vacation? __________ You will care for your pet while you are away? _____________________
44. Have you thought about how a pet will affect your daily lives? __________________________________________________
45. Have you thought about how a pet will affect your lives in times of stress, unemployment, marriage,
birth, divorce, moving,, and other events? _____________________________________________
46. Do you realize that having a pet is a great Responsibility much like having a human toddler? ________________________
47.. Would you object to having a representative visit your home to check on the pet? __________________________________

I, ___________________________________________________________, hereby certify that the above information
is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Falsification of information may be deemed cause for denial of this
application for adoption, and the pet may be reclaimed by the Rescuer and/or may result in legal action.

By signing this application, I authorize the Rescuer to contact my landlord, veterinarian, relative, employer, or
reference contact to verify any or all information given.

I also understand that, if for any reason, I am no longer able to take care of an adopted pet, I am obligated and MUST
return the pet to Rescuer. Before returning the pet, I agree to give Rescuer, a minimum of three days advance notice.

I understand that I /we may be denied a pet for any reason.

Date: _____________________ Applicants Signature: _____________________________________________
Date: _____________________ Applicants Signature: _____________________________________________



Sample Placement Contract

Pet Contract

Page 1 of 4 .... Contract

State of ___________________________
Parish of __________________________

This contract shall constitute a legal and binding agreement between the parties listed herein and whose signatures
are affixed to this document. Any breach of this contract could result in a legal suit against the party receiving
this animal.

This contract is for the placement in a loving and caring home of the animal described: ______________________________

NOTICE: I am the owner of this pet and may decide not to give the pet to any person for any reason.

Terms of this contract are as follows:

1. The animal must wear a collar, Rabies tag, Name tag, and any required license.

2. The animal shall NOT be permitted to run loose. The animal must be in a fenced-in-yard or on
a leash when outside. The animal must be exercised on a daily schedule according to size,
breed, and age. Cats must be kept in the house. ** NO EXCEPTIONS

3. The animal shall be provided fresh and clean food and water daily in sufficient quantities to
maintain proper health.

4. The animal shall be provided proper shelter such as a dog house of adequate size or kept inside
the house. If kept outside, the shelter must provide adequate warmth in winter or cold
temperatures and shade in summer or hot temperatures. Cats must live inside the home.

5. The animal must be taken to a veterinarian at least once a year for an examination, shots
(rabies, DHLP, Parvo, FelLuk, etc.), heartworm testing, worming, and any other procedures deemed
necessary by the veterinarian. Proper veterinarian care must be provided for any illness or accident.

6. The animal ( cats are excluded ) must be given heartworm preventive on a daily or monthly basis.

Last dosage of _________________________ was given on ______________________.

7. The animal must be altered (spay/neuter) within 6-8 months of age. Proof of spay/neuter is

This pet MUST be spayed/neutered by: _______________________________________
Date of spay/neuter: ______________________________ Veterinarian: _______________________

Signature: ___________________________________ Date: __________________

Page 2 of 4 .... Contract

8. The animal can not be used for any kind of research for any reasons. The animal can not be used for
guard purposes or given guard dog training. The animal can not be used for hunting. The animal can
not be used for fighting. The animal can not be used for food or eaten. The animal can not ride in the
open bed of a pick-up truck.

9. The animal can not be sold for any purposes. The animal can not be given to another person other
than the person the pet was received from.

10. In the event that the animal gets lost or escapes from the person with custody, that person shall
immediately take steps to recover the animal including placing ads in all local newspapers, physically
going to Animal Control to look for the animal, calling all local veterinarian offices to ask them to
look out for this animal, informing Animal Welfare, Inc. at (318) 221-0053, and informing the person
this animal was received from and is the other party to this contract.

11. In the event that the person receiving this animal is unable to or no longer wishes to keep and care for
the animal, the animal MUST be returned to the person this animal was received from and is the
other party to this contract.
Upon safe return of the animal, in good health, to the person this animal was received from and is
the other party to this contract, this contract will no longer be valid.

12. Person or persons wishing to receive this animal and who rent their home, must provide written proof
from their current landlord stating that the animal will be allowed at the rented property.
Verification of this document from the landlord will be necessary.

13. Person or persons wishing to receive this animal are required to permit a pre-custody inspection of the
home where the animal shall reside and post-custody inspections every six months for the life of the
animal. The person receiving the animal shall notify the person this animal was received from and is
the other party to this contract, of any change to the address of the pet.

14. Person or persons wishing to receive this animal agree to verification of information provided
by them for this contract.

15. Person or persons wishing to receive this animal understands that the care of this animal requires a
major commitment of caring, loving, and responsibility for the lifetime of this pet. The person who
has custody of the pet is solely responsible for any and all property and physical damages done to any
person or property.

16. If any part of this contract is broken, the person this animal was received from and is the other party
to this contract, reserves the right to take possession of the animal for its safety and/or health. By
signing this contract, you agree to allow the person the animal was received from to enter your
property for the purpose of removing the received animal if any part of this contract is broken and/or
the animal is being neglected or abused in the opinion of the person you received the pet from.

Signature: ___________________________________ Date: __________________

Page 3 of 4 ... Contract

17. If any part of this contract is broken, the receiving person or persons shall be liable and legally
responsible to pay all veterinarian bills to restore the animal back to proper and good health within
30 days of forfeiture.

18. If any part of this contract is broken, the receiving person or persons shall be liable and legally
responsible to donate to a non-profit organization of my choice a sum of $500.00 within 30 days of
forfeiture. This $500.00 will be in addition to any money paid for item #17 above and hopefully
convey to the party the serious responsibility and trust involved in pet ownership.

19. Other: __________________________________________________________________________

The person or persons signatures below signify that they agree, understand, and will abide by all of the
terms of this contract. Be it known that this is a legal contract enforceable in court. Let it be understood
that this contract is for the benefit of the animal, to ensure it a lifetime free of pain and suffering.
The signing of this contract implies that the person or persons wishing to receive this animal understands
the terms of this contract in full.

Any false or misleading statements or information provided for this contract, shall constitute a breach of
contract as the terms above state.

Name of person wishing to receive: _____________________________________________
Spouse Name: _____________________________________
Date of Contract: ___________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip: ________________________________________________________________
Home Telephone #: ______________________ Work Telephone #:___________________________
Email address: _________________________________________________________________

Signature: ___________________________________ Date: __________________

Page 4 of 4 ... Contract

*** This Section to be Completed After Placement Has Been Approved ***
All Information Shall Remain Confidential

Signature of Person(s) wishing to Receive: ____________________________________________

Date: ________________________________
Drivers License #: ___________________________________ State: ___________
Social Security #: ___________________________________

Signature of 2nd Person wishing to Receive: ___________________________________________

Date: ________________________________
Drivers License #: ___________________________________ State: ___________
Social Security #: ___________________________________

Signature of Person(s) offering the animal:

Date: ________________________________
Name _____________________________________________
Addr _____________________________________________
City ______________________________________________
State ______________________________________________
ZipCode __________________________________________
Email _____________________________________________

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