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Happy Endings !

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Happy Endings

"Little Fellow" ...he needs a Real name

HOPEFULLY our "survivor" of the year.

This little fellow had been dumped out in the country by some "idiot" that didn't have the backbone to take responsibility for having a pet.

His system was shutting down from starvation and dehydration. The vet said he had not eaten for weeks. He weighs about 10 pounds. Every bone in his body shows and he could no longer stand or walk. We assume he had been hit by a car because his leg had been broken clean thru. His immune system was non-existent - he had demodedic mange, scaropic mange, hook worms, whip worms, round worms, and tape worms. He has scabs and wounds all over his body. The tips of his ears have been eaten off by flies. He has lost almost all of his hair. The only good thing is that he is too young to have developed heartworms.

We had surgery done to pin his broken leg before it healed wrong and had to be re-broken. Unfortunately, he is not doing too good as an infection has set in his leg. Your prayers for him would be greatly appreciated.

Please send these pictures to everybody you know and show them what happens when some idiot decides to dump their pet in the country instead of taking responsibility. Whether or not the pet is a dog or a cat, they can NOT survive on their own !!

We have not named this little fellow, so please send in your suggestions for his new name.

Also, if you would like to contribute to his vet bills please send donations to Animal Welfare, Inc. - P. O. Box 4797 - Shreveport, LA 71134 to the care of "Little Fellow" or make a donation on-line thru the web site. All donations are tax deductible.

Little Fellow, the dog

Little Fellow, the dog

UPDATE: "Mick" has a new name and a new home.

Almost completely healed, Mick is a happy, bouncy fellow that is so grateful to have a new name and a new home. The doctor was unable to save his leg, but Mick is just happy to be alive. He now weighs 25 pounds and has grown most all of his fur back !

Mick, the dog

Mick, the dog


The good news is all the little ones that were rescued from the backyard breeder/collector have been adopted.

After being treated for malnutrition, tons of fleas, and various other problems, then groomed, spayed/neutered, etc., all have found new forever homes and families. I just wanted to say thank you to everybody who donated toward the vet bills and got the word out that they were up for adoption.

Molly had been severly beaten and was extremely shy. However, she caught the heart of Sue W. who adopted Molly. Molly is doing better and enjoys playing with her new sister.

Photos: Left: Before --- Right: After.

Skipper had also been severly beaten and was very attached to FiFi. Skipper was able to reach out and pull the heartstrings of Mary and Louis R. They report that both dogs are doing great.

Photos: Left: Before --- Right: After.

FiFi was in the worse shape and we thought we would probably loose her. She had a major infection due to living in filth after having a C-section. She had the will to live and is now almost completely well. Mary and Louis R. tell me she is really intelligent and curious.

Photos: Left: Before --- Right: After.

Teddy Bear was the hardest to give up. I had grown quite attached to him. He is bouncy, curious, and loves everybody - cats, dogs, and people. That was just what Theresa and Fred J. was looking for - a playmate for their other rescued Baby. Last time I checked, Teddy Bear had a new batch of toys to play with.

Photos: Left: Before --- Right: After

Taz, the day after Taz, the day after Taz, one month later Taz, now


Life for Taz started out like so many other dogs .... tied outside and forgotten.

In fact, Caddo Animal Control had been called by concerned neighbors and was watching to see if Taz was getting any food or water on a daily basis. However, nobody had been prepared for what happened to Taz next !

The call to Animal Welfare, Inc. came by surprise. Caddo Animal Control had a dog that had been set on fire and burned. He had been tied outside to a trailer that caught fire. They had several options. The first option was to get Taz to the closest veterinarian for treatment. The second option was to transport Taz about 20 miles across town to the veterinarian contracted to work with Caddo Animal Control. The deciding factor would be if Animal Welfare, Inc. would be responsible for the veterinarian bill if they took Taz to the closest hospital. The decision was easy. Taz needed help - and fast ! We took responsibility for the bill.

Caddo Animal Control rushed Taz to Ratcliff Animal Hospital. It was 50 / 50 whether Taz would live through the night.

Morning came and Taz had survived. He was burned and in pain, yet he was so sweet and appreciative. Taz spent the next few months going through water therapy and physical therapy. It was weeks before Taz could even stand by himself. The pads of his feet were burned off. In all this time Tazís owner never once came to visit him. In fact, facing responsibility for the huge veterinarian bill and possible criminal charges, Tazís owner disappeared.

Months later, Taz was walking on his own and his beautiful coat was beginning to grow back. You could now tell Taz was an Australian Shepherd. The search began for a loving, responsible family to adopt Taz. It didnít take long to find Dale and Russell Wilson ! They opened up their hearts and their home for Taz.

Today Taz is a happy, healthy bouncy fellow that shares his home with 5 cat brothers and sisters. He lives indoors under the air conditioner, but occasionally goes outside to herd his wayward cat brother back into the house ! Taz is now a permanent member of the Wilson family where he can love and be loved for the rest of his life.......Taz was lucky.

Pepper and Bruce Pepper and Velvet Pepper and Bruce Pepper and Velvet


Pepper is the greatest dog ! She was dumped out by WaterTown and lived on the streets for 2 years. Many people tried to catch her, but she was too smart for them. She had a litter of puppies that one by one, all got ran over by cars except for 1 puppy. Each time one died, Pepper stood guard over the dead bodies not willing to leave them until somebody came and buried them. Finally, Pepper was pregnant...again! I couldn't stand by and watch a new batch of puppies die again, so I was determined to get her off the street. Finally, after weeks and weeks of trying to trap her, tranquilize her, and catch her, I finally got her to come to me. I grabbed her, got her into the car, and then to the veterinarian. Pepper is the light of my heart. She is intelligent, lovable, and absolutely no trouble. She takes charge of all the new additions to our family especially the cats. She has NEVER had any accidents in the house and prefers to be a couch canine - very rarely wanting to go outside ! (Imagine that.) We were never able to catch that last puppy, so unfortunately the cycle continues.

Bruce is the marbled cat that was born wild, trapped by a rescue person, and given a second chance for happiness along with his 3 brothers and sisters. He was always the first kitten to fly through the air and get into trouble ! Of course, Pepper decided he needed lots of "mothering" and took over. To this day, Bruce still nurses on Pepper and yells when she leave him. Guess he is just a big baby that loves his "mommy."

Velvet was starving when I found her trying her best to get inside the fence with all my dogs. I'm not sure if she just wanted help or their dog food or both? Fortunately, I got to her before she actually got inside the fence ! She only weighed 4 1/2 pounds that day. Velvet is a blue-gray dog-loving cat. She adapted easily into the household especially with Pepper taking care of her. She now weighs 13 pounds and is happy to just hang out with the family.

These three are just a sample of the many wonderful animals that need loving homes. Each is special and unique. They are a joy to have as part of my family, and I feel fortunate to have them as part of my family. I hope you open your heart and home to your own needy critter.

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