Animal Welfare, Inc.

Non-profit humane organization helping pets and 
   pet ownersPrograms include spay and neuter subsidy, pet 
   care, education, ID tags, etc


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Do You Own a Business?

Happy Endings

There are so many things you can do to help us if you own or manage a business.
Below are only a few suggestions.
If you have any ideas on ways to help us, just email or call us to discuss them. We will be glad to consider any ideas !


Join our Compassionate Business Partner Program !

This program allows you to donate any percentage or portion of your business to support our many community service programs.
For example, you could donate 1% or 50 cents from every purchase over $10.00. The choice would be yours.

Set up an In-House Donation box for customers to donate items bought from your store.

Set up a Donation Jar for customers to drop coins into.

Allow us to set up a Display for our Information Brochure.

Mention Animal Welfare, Inc. in your advertisements.

Host a Special Event such as Selling Raffle Tickets, an Adoption Day, a Contest, Etc.

Again, all suggestions and ideas will be considered and discussed.
If you have a particular idea or project, we would like to help with it.
Please let us hear from you !

All Sponsors will be featured in our newsletter and on our website as well as on any flyers.
Also, our members and volunteers will gladly spread the word about your generosity and compassion !

Dog shows how to Contact us

Animal Welfare, Inc.
P. O. Box 4797
Shreveport, Louisiana 71134-0797
(318) 221-0053
Gloria Freeman, President
E-mail us!